Sarah Rhodes

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In the ninth episode of What in the World in Travel we speak with Sarah Rhodes. She is the Founder of Plastic Free Southeast Asia, a social impact organization that focuses on stopping plastic pollution at the source. Sarah tells hosts Shaun McGrath and Carmen Chan how she started PFSA and how it helps other organizations improve their sustainability practices. She shares her views on consumer trends in plastic wastes, challenges in sustainable tourism practices, and also talks about an exciting initiative called Plastic-Free July.

Plastic Free Southeast Asia website 

PATA VE Bulletin: “Top Tips For Setting Up Sustainable Tourism Practices”

The audio engineer and sound editor for this episode is Brian Chao from PATA Capilano University Student Chapter. The music clip in each episode is graciously provided by Francis Henson, a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer. What in the World in Travel podcast is an initiative of PATA Capilano University Student Chapter that is supported by the technical expertise of Capilano Radio Club.

Episode published: October 16th, 2019