Sally Fung

Sally Fung, Art Director & Designer (Photo: Facebook)

In the second episode of PATA Cap U Podcast, student chapter members speak with Sally Fung, an art director and designer who has worked remotely while living in a different country in each month of this year through a company called Remote Year. She recently developed a mobile app with members of her Remote Year community called Yarn, which puts like-minded travellers together while exploring a new city.

Sally speaks about her rise from intern to art director within three years and what it’s like to be a digital nomad. Listen in as this episode’s hosts Shaun McGrath and Carma Chan ask all the important questions—including where the future is headed for remote workers!

The audio engineer and sound editor for this episode is Brian Chao from PATA Capilano University Student Chapter. The music clip in each episode is graciously provided by Francis Henson, a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer. PATA Cap U Podcast is an initiative of PATA Capilano University Student Chapter that is supported by the technical expertise of Capilano Radio Club.

Episode published: 18 October 2018.