Joanna Jagger

Joanna Jagger is passionate about educating future leaders and moving the dial for gender equity. She is the President and founder of WORTH Association, a society for women of recreation, tourism and hospitality. Joanna is a Convenor and Instructor in the School of Tourism Management at Capilano University.  She has held leadership roles in sales, catering and human resources at top brands including Marriott International, Shangri-La Hotels, Sequoia Company of Restaurants and Joe Fortes. A Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), she provides HR solutions to individuals and organizations through her consulting practice, Adanac HR Services. Joanna has a Provincial Instructor’s Diploma from VCC and a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

In this episode, hosts Kenna Koronko and Alanna Marrington interview Joanna Jagger. She discusses about women in tourism and hospitality, and the issue of occupational gender segregation. She shares information on the wage gap and burnout, and offers tangible solutions for women in the industry.

The audio engineers and sound editors for this episode are Cee Trinh and Jennifer Wong from PATA Capilano University Student Chapter. The music clip in each episode is graciously provided by Francis Henson, a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer. What in the World in Travel podcast is an initiative of PATA Capilano University Student Chapter.

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Episode published on March 1, 2021