Executive Team

Get to know the members of PATA CapU!

Kenna Koronko 

Co-Chairperson & Podcast Producer 

Kenna is the Chairperson of our chapter and Producer of our podcast “What In The World In Travel.” Kenna joined our team in the Fall of 2020. She is in the Bachelor of Tourism Management program at Capilano and she currently plans to graduate with a focus in Adventure Tourism. Alanna is the Chairperson of our chapter and one of the hosts for our podcast “What In The World In Travel.” As Chairperson, she oversees and acts as a liaison for the chapter’s subcommittees and facilitates communication between members, faulty, and PATA HQ. Chairperson also ensures that our chapter is maintaining standards outlined by PATA HQ. As our producer, Kenna is in charge of coordinating guests, organizing recording dates, and also hosting episodes.  

Marian Chung

Co-Chairperson & Marketing Coordinator  

Marian is the Co-Chairperson and Marketing Director of our student chapter. In her marketing role, Marian is responsible for managing and creating content for our social media channels and website, with a focus on sustainable tourism and the UN SDGs. She communicates with stakeholders to facilitate marketing initiatives and chapter events. 

Yasemin Dogar

Vice-Chairperson & Podcast Host  

Yasemin is both the Vice-Chairperson and Podcast Host for our podcast “What In The World In Travel.” Yasemin’s role is to support the executive team with planning and organizing the chapter’s activities and initiatives. As a Podcast Host for our podcast, Yasemin’s role is to reach out to potential guests, arrange meetings and recording times, and to have the knowledge on each guest to make sure each recording runs smoothly.  

Joey Lai

Secretary & Podcast Research Assistant 

Joey is the Secretary and Podcast Research Assistant of our podcast “What In The World In Travel.” Joey joined the team in the Spring of 2021. She is in the Bachelor of Tourism Management program and planning to graduate with the Hotel and Resort concentration. As secretary, she is responsible for recording minutes for our student chapter meetings as well as making sure they are effectively updated and uploaded for members. As the Research Assistant of the podcast, she is responsible for conducting research on upcoming guest speakers while assisting the needs of the podcast team.

Piper Kufeldt

Social Media Manager

Piper’s role is to maintain and update the chapter’s social media pages. This includes: curating posts, engaging followers and CapU students, as well as promoting PATA’s activities and opportunities for students.

Gia Phan

Director of Communications 

Gia is responsible for facilitating the outreach of communication both internally and externally between stakeholders, faculty members and students. She aids with the overseeing of communication between podcast hosts and the student chapter executive members to plan events such as World Tourism Day. She is also in charge of writing all press releases for the School of Tourism Management’s events, conferences, and “What in The World in Travel” podcast episodes. 

Jennie Tuong

Communications Assistant

Jennie is the Communications Assistant of our student chapter. She is currently doing her bachelor’s degree in the Tourism Management program. Her main responsibility is assisting the Director of Communications as a liaison in internal and external communication between stakeholders, faculty members and students. With excellent oral and writing communication skills, she collaborates with Gia to develop content for all press releases for School of Tourism Management’s conferences and our podcast “What in The World in Travel”

Lisa Shen

Website Specialist

Lisa is a website specialist for PATA CapU and joined the team in Fall of 2021. Lisa is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Tourism Management Program. As a website specialist, Lisa is responsible for maintaining the website and keeping it up to date. This includes sharing media contents, upcoming event details and podcast updates. 

Kiana Safarinejad

Marketing Assistant

I’m Kiana a third year student in the Bachelor of Tourism Management program and the new Marketing Assistant for PATA. I recently joined the team and am excited to start working alongside other team members! My main roles as marketing assistant include helping in the creation of new social media infographics and posts, assisting with the implementation of new marketing initiatives, creating new content ideas and supporting the UN SDGs through chapter events.

Sylvie Romanick

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Bethany Lum

General Member

Bethany is the former Communications Director. She remains a General Member of our student chapter.