Bjorn Harvold

Bjorn Harvold, Co-Founder of Travelkoin & Traveliko (Photo: LinkedIn)

In the inaugural episode of PATA Cap U Podcast, student chapter members speak with Bjorn Harvold, Co-Founder of Travelkoin and Traveliko, about his plans to revolutionize the travel industry by the disruptive technology of blockchain. Bjorn’s enthusiastic desire to solve the ubiquitous problems in travel tech is backed by over 20 years in professional software development. The white paper for Travelkoin is available here.

Listen in as this episode’s hosts Shaun McGrathJennifer Vaughan, and Carma Chan ask all the important questions—including whether he is hiring!

The audio engineers in this episode include Brian Chao from PATA Capilano University Student Chapter and Will Clements from Capilano Radio Club. The music clip in each episode is graciously provided by Francis Henson, a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer. PATA Cap U Podcast is an initiative of PATA Capilano University Student Chapter that is supported by the technical expertise of Capilano Radio Club.

Episode published: 27 September 2018.